Kikuletwa Hot Springs

Kikuletwa hot springs was a pleasant surprise. I had always heard about this natural phenomenon and always imagined a hot water spot with smoke rising from the surface mystifying the place but nothing prepared me for the oasis-like emergence from the middle of a dry rocky terrain, clear blue-greenish water enclosed between endless palm trees and massive ancient tree roots that tell you they have seen the very first water flow pave its way through to become the spring that it is today.

Almost two hours away from Arusha and another hour and a half from Moshi’s Boma ya Ng’ombe area, we were able to get to this place using the Google map below and a great spirit of adventure.


Well, you know what they say (or at least I say to myself): “Don’t just read about it, discover it, live it”! So fuel that car, bring out that swimming gear, grab your favorite people (or person which can be thy self), road-trip playlist, food and drinks and follow the yellow brick road to experience this for yourself:

P.s. Unlike it’s name, the water is not hot at all.


Usambara Mountains

Embrace your journey

Embrace your journey, learn your pace and create the path that works best for you. The destination is, after all, yours to define and reach.

The Usambara mountains are a gorgeous strip of mountains that lie in North Eastern Tanzania which are apparently part of an ancient Eastern Arc chain which stretches in a broken crescent from the Taita hills in Southern Kenya down to Morogoro and the Southern highlands in Tanzania.

They always have me admiring through my window as I travel by road to Dar-es-salaam where they begin right after Moshi all the way to Tanga.