The Air Up There


Over the #Tanzanian #sky with such views: #MtMeru(front left)& #MtKilimanjaro (far right)


Usambara Mountains

Embrace your journey

Embrace your journey, learn your pace and create the path that works best for you. The destination is, after all, yours to define and reach.

The Usambara mountains are a gorgeous strip of mountains that lie in North Eastern Tanzania which are apparently part of an ancient Eastern Arc chain which stretches in a broken crescent from the Taita hills in Southern Kenya down to Morogoro and the Southern highlands in Tanzania.

They always have me admiring through my window as I travel by road to Dar-es-salaam where they begin right after Moshi all the way to Tanga.

The Wisdom of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro from a distance

On a beautiful Saturday evening, with skies so bright and air so fresh…
Stand and look in a place where roots are found; whence natives came and whither admirers flew…
Idyll it stands as majestic as it can be, beckoning to the observer..
With promises of a spirit renewed, and a mortal’s presence in the heavens…
Look not,human, at how far the road goes, but how one you become with it…
As you make your way to its three peaked hearts…
Let it reward you by showing you its beloved Continent’s face.