Too often do we let ourselves forget that this world was meant for our appreciation, as we tend to lose ourselves in the chaos of our lives demands.

So I tell you this, every now and then, go to your highest mountain or your most sacred sanctuary, sit there and breathe! Breathe like your soul depends on how deeper you stretch your breaths. Breathe like you are taking in the magic of the world and taking out your magnificence to the world and beyond.

Just, breathe!


Catching A Moment

Catching a moment

Catching a moment

When nature decides to grace us with her smile, we bring forth our cameras!! When I was young, I was made to believe that whenever it rains when the sun is shining a lion somewhere is getting born 🙂 How true that is- I will never know but whenever this happens, I always have the same huge smile as I did back then. It’s always a beautiful moment to capture!