Too often do we let ourselves forget that this world was meant for our appreciation, as we tend to lose ourselves in the chaos of our lives demands.

So I tell you this, every now and then, go to your highest mountain or your most sacred sanctuary, sit there and breathe! Breathe like your soul depends on how deeper you stretch your breaths. Breathe like you are taking in the magic of the world and taking out your magnificence to the world and beyond.

Just, breathe!




When #hope and blessings bursts through! Focus on the light.
A beautiful sunset behind Mount Meru in Arusha Tanzania after a cloudy rainy day.

Usambara Mountains

Embrace your journey

Embrace your journey, learn your pace and create the path that works best for you. The destination is, after all, yours to define and reach.

The Usambara mountains are a gorgeous strip of mountains that lie in North Eastern Tanzania which are apparently part of an ancient Eastern Arc chain which stretches in a broken crescent from the Taita hills in Southern Kenya down to Morogoro and the Southern highlands in Tanzania.

They always have me admiring through my window as I travel by road to Dar-es-salaam where they begin right after Moshi all the way to Tanga.