Cmj’s Projects : Seeing the world at its best is a quest for the beautiful side of every single breath in this world…the world as is being seen by different souls who, through our connections, get to tell us what they think is the beautiful side of this world that we live in.

Every single place and moment in this world in our life time has a story worth telling, every view worth showing and every breath worth counting. Our lives constantly seek for a story that is going to put an extra in ordinary. In one way or another we want to experience to the very best what the world has to offer.


My name is Jancelline and I invite you to join me to see places and hear stories from people around the world on its beauty, peace and what they view can be done to make the world be at its best.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Tanvi 🙂 You are welcomed to contribute, show me and other readers your beautiful view of your world! I will be happy to add it here!

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