Kikuletwa Hot Springs

Kikuletwa hot springs was a pleasant surprise. I had always heard about this natural phenomenon and always imagined a hot water spot with smoke rising from the surface mystifying the place but nothing prepared me for the oasis-like emergence from the middle of a dry rocky terrain, clear blue-greenish water enclosed between endless palm trees and massive ancient tree roots that tell you they have seen the very first water flow pave its way through to become the spring that it is today.

Almost two hours away from Arusha and another hour and a half from Moshi’s Boma ya Ng’ombe area, we were able to get to this place using the Google map below and a great spirit of adventure.


Well, you know what they say (or at least I say to myself): “Don’t just read about it, discover it, live it”! So fuel that car, bring out that swimming gear, grab your favorite people (or person which can be thy self), road-trip playlist, food and drinks and follow the yellow brick road to experience this for yourself:

P.s. Unlike it’s name, the water is not hot at all.






Too often do we let ourselves forget that this world was meant for our appreciation, as we tend to lose ourselves in the chaos of our lives demands.

So I tell you this, every now and then, go to your highest mountain or your most sacred sanctuary, sit there and breathe! Breathe like your soul depends on how deeper you stretch your breaths. Breathe like you are taking in the magic of the world and taking out your magnificence to the world and beyond.

Just, breathe!

Up the Ngong Hills We Went

Having lived in Nairobi, Kenya for over three years with now and then visits,it was refreshing to see the other side of Kenya that was green and serene. Up the Ngong Hills I went to celebrate my good friend and Doctor Hurksy’s graduation with her family and little was I prepared for the beauty that was waiting up there.

Imagine fresh air, breezy silence apart for the distant cow bell chimes as they grazed far below and a stretch of nature that makes you sit up there for hours as your mind quietens. The Ngong Hills, seven in total, are part of the Great Rift Valley and the term Ngong comes from the Maasai phrase enkong’u emuny meaning rhinoceros spring (via Wiki). They are a famous hiking destination for tourists as well as athletes training grounds. I couldn’t help but admire the dedication of the few runners who passed us on our walk and imagined the medals they might be winning for this country one day.

Thank you Hurksy for showing me your beautiful home. I look forward to watching the sunset with you next time up there 🙂

thank you